Choosing the Right Contractor

Choosing the Right Contractor

As a property owner, one of the hardest things to do is find and select the right contractor for the right project. Or worse yet, to have to choose one when the world is upside down because of a problem with your roof, your windows or something else attached to your property. But there are a few rules that we here at Family Farm Construction can pass along which might just make it easier when it’s time to call a contractor. Of course, you could just skip all the hassles and come right to Family Farm Construction but let’s look at a few rules of thumb in case you feel like shopping around for a contractor.

In a perfect world, you’d just ask your friends and neighbors for a reputable company they’ve worked with in the past. But that’s not always possible so if you go online and search then pay special attention to reviews from people with more than one. Oftentimes the fake reviews will come from accounts with just one review to their name. Or these could be people that were given incentives to review. Skip those and focus on the ones with plenty of reviews in the past. It might help weed out the bad apples in more than just shopping for home services.

Next, you’re going to want to schedule some visits with the short list of contractors you found online. You’ll have a lot of questions for them that will be specific to your project or problem but here’s a few things to be sure to get from them prior to their leaving:

  • Company Name, Address, Phone Number
  • Licensing & Bonding Information
  • Insurance Coverage Details
  • Past Work Experience
  • Company References

Before you allow the contractors to leave your property, not like you’re keeping them their against their will or anything, you should get as much information from them as you can focused on the problem or project you want addressed. You have experts on-hand. Why not use them? Be sure to find out what materials and products they use and have experience with to be sure they’re not in over their heads.

Lastly, you’re going to want to check whatever contract they offer should you advance the estimate to that juncture. Not all construction contracts are the same, nor are all general contracting, but the following items should be included:

  • Completed Permitting
  • Start & Completion Dates
  • Project Products & Materials
  • Inspection Schedule
  • Site Procedures
  • Warranties
  • Liens
  • Right-to-Rescind

So long as you keep these few pieces of advice in mind then you will have no trouble whatsoever choosing the right contractor for your job. As we said before, you can save yourself the hassle of trying to decide who’s on the level and who isn’t by simply reaching out to Family Farm Construction first. Just call (573) 569-0487 and we’ll provide all the answers you’re after and a price you can’t get anywhere else.

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