Never Overlook Licensing & Insurance

Never Overlook Licensing & Insurance

When it’s time to choose a contractor to help with projects or problems you may have you should never veer away from licensed and insured professionals – even if it means saving a ton of money upfront. Always stick to contractors who bring all the necessary licensing and insurance coverage to the table during the estimate and contract stage of the job. There’s literally nothing important than being certain the company you’re thinking of working with is staffed by legitimate professionals. Licensing and insurance documents give you the clearest indication that the company is on the level. After all, they’re not easy to get and denote a committed company in it for the long haul. That’s always preferable to fly-by-night contractors who run from one place to the next to stay ahead of terrible reputations and less-than-stellar operations.

In Missouri, professionals come to the job (or the estimate for that matter) ready to answer questions about licensing and insurance. Family-owned operations like Family Farm Construction know what it means to be a pro and have everything ready when we arrive at a prospective customer’s property. There’s no excuse to not be prepared or to feel that it’s beyond the pale for a customer to inquire about it during an estimate. That’s what crooked companies do and you should avoid those like the problems they’ll bring you as soon as you agree tom work with them. These are best avoided in favor of a company willing to give you straight answers about licensing and insurance. These rogues hurt everyone by:

  • Not paying taxes or fees that community’s need.
  • Cutting corners with cheap products and materials.
  • Leaving property owners in the hook for damages or injuries.
  • Taking business away from legitimate contractors.

We hope you’ll agree that working with a licensed and insured contractor like those from Family Farm Construction is just the right thing to do – for you, for your project and for the legitimate professionals doing things the right way in your community. If so, there’s no better way to start than calling on our team of licensed and insured professionals the next time you need a free estimate. Our number is (573) 569-0487 and our staff is standing by now to assist you.

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